are originating from a single botanical source, and contribute to the flavor and fragrance of a plant. By using steam distillation, volatile plant constituents are vaporized and isolated, this leaves what is known as an essential oil.

contain both fragrant molecules and plant waxes, and is made by washing the plant material with a non-polar solvent such as hexane. Concretes are used in their own right in perfumery, and are more or less solid.

are made by washing the concretes with ethanol to dissolve out the fragrant molecules, separating them from the waxes. When the ethanol is evaporated off, this leaves what is known as an absolute.

play a pivotal role in the day-to-day life of mankind as important flavoring agents in foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals and also as ingredients in perfumes and cosmetics.

We have cultivated most of our raw materials on an area of 800- acres which are distributed between Beni-Suef governorate and Al-Fayoum governorate which are the Hub Centers for Natural herbs, seeds and aromatic plants in Egypt.

With a dedicated laboratory and expert staff, SOMITT AROMATIC has the best facilities available to provide the highest quality essential oils, concretes and absolutes.

SOMITT AROMATIC has been working in distillation and extraction of the volatile oils many years ago, so we have a great experience in that field which is reflected on our products with excellence and quality.